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사진: 메넨버그 부쿠를 이끄시는 이세분은 새로히 그룹을 만드려 준비중이십니다. 화이팅.

Written by Jung

At one of the Vuku meetings, one of the pastors shared that he struggled greatly to follow God’s direction. He expressed it as if he had gained an understanding of what Jesus wanted him to do, yet he had been failing to follow through, and make it happen.

Even though he spoke as if he were lost, perhaps that’s what the passage is talking about. When we hear His voice, there’s always a chance that we might have misunderstood it, and that’s okay. We should continue trying with humility, and through our search, we will often discover what He truly intended. How He guides us is through the relationship we have with Him. Our willingness to follow His guidance makes us disciples.

Therefore, the point might not be to get it right on the first try but to learn to enjoy the journey of realizing God’s pleasing and perfect will for our lives.

Remember, Jesus is with you today whether you’ve got it perfectly or not. Go out and enjoy it!

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