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사진: 이분은 기프트라는 부룬디라는 나라에서 았습니다. 지난 1월 그레이스 바이블 칼리지의 부쿠리더 트레이닝에서 처음 만났습니다. 그동한 부쿠리더 루셔스와 함께 일해 왔는데, 예수님께서 이분을 변화시키시는 모습이 명백히 보입니다.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Matthew 5:9 NIV +

Written by Jung

What is a peacemaker?

According to a dictionary, a peacemaker is a person who brings about peace, especially by reconciling adversaries. This raises an important question: What kind of peace is worthy of the children of God?

Every crisis brings an opportunity. The world seizes these opportunities to benefit and profit. Much wealth and favorable positions have been created during crises such as conflicts and changes.

As children of God, we should view every opportunity as a chance to reveal Jesus and His love. To achieve that, we need to help both parties feel and know that God is with them, providing a sense of security. Then, they can set aside the fear and worries that lead to agitation and conflict. This way, we can focus on His love and provision. With these established, we can arrive at a resolution that aligns with God’s will for both parties.

This is the kind of peace that the children of God would bring, not just as negotiators or mediators seeking a win-win situation or remedying our failures.

We may not have the power or wisdom to solve all the problems in the world, but God has blessed us with a ministry of reconciliation through Jesus. When we help others reconcile with God, our hearts will be aligned to see beyond our limitations, and God’s will shall be done.

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