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흐라보에서 양형필 선교사님과 부쿠가정을 시작하고 있는 주키사니가 간증을 보내왔습니다.

Written by Zukisani

In the picture are Mathabeleng and Mathabiso, smiling and saying thank you for the small things they do for each other. It is an amazing experience to witness these two beautiful Mama’s become like a proper family in Jesus. Learning to care for one another as we all enjoy sharing His love and learning more about him.

Meeting 5 says Jesus does not want for you to be good. He is waiting for you to come to him to be better. I might have no perfect words to describe how I feel to see my people learning to love and care for one another. So excited to see how we all grow together in Christ.


사진: 크라이폰틴 부쿠리더 웬디.

웬디의 간증입니다.

I just did a meeting alone……and I’ve realized that God really loves us as his children we shouldn’t doubt him in any way. Yes, we’re going through the worst sometimes in our lives but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us we just need to follow his command at all times and all shall be well. And also it is important to share the love amongst us as it is written that love your neighbor as you love yourself. Show love to others so that you may receive love too.

Even a small good thing you for a person is admirable in his eyes, the more you do good and share love there more you’re blessed amen🙏🏽