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사진: 코조는 흐라보 지역에서 떠오르는 새 부쿠리더입니다. 미팅 8을 하는데 ‘복’이 무엇인지를 물어보았더니, “구원의 확신을 가질수 있다는 것이 복입니다.” 라고 합니다.

From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”
Matthew 4:17

Written by Jung

Let’s take a plane ride to move to another country.

When you are near the border, and it is announced, “We will arrive at our destination in 30 minutes,” what do you do? You get ready, right?

You tidy up your appearance and practice how to present yourself to whoever will receive you in the new country. Additionally, you familiarize yourself with the local laws or customs to fit in and avoid any trouble.

Because it signifies that you have another opportunity with your life, doesn’t it? A fresh start and a chance to leave behind any mistakes or unpleasant memories.

The kingdom of heaven is similar in that regard. It is God’s gift to us through Jesus Christ, offering another chance to become who we are meant to be and live an abundant and fulfilling life.

The kingdom of heaven is near, so let’s prepare ourselves.

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