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사진: 짐바브웨 부쿠 리더인 리넷입니다. 그동안 부쿠가정을 위해 금요일마다 디보션을 써왔습니다. 외국인으로써 힘든일이 많치만, 부쿠리더로써 두 아이의 어머니로써 열심히 살아오고 있습니다.

Written by Lynnet

Conflict will be part of every human relationship. But when we are in that conflict we have a choice whether we will let emotions like anger, fear, doubt, rejection etc rule us…or whether we will let the Spirit of God rule us… It is as easy as making the choice, just saying: Lord, I need Your grace! And then receiving His grace which empowers us! We are in God, therefore we know Love Himself. Let us love one another, even when it is not easy…choose to love🙏🏻

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