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나는 예수님께 소중한 존재입니다

움필레 씀

All my life, I’ve been comparing my life to others and thinking to myself “How is it fair that someone else’s life is better than mine”. I was comparing the material things in life and I thought once you had those things then one would be happy and content with life. I thought I wasn’t precious to God/Jesus because I didn’t have an amazing earthly life. I soon realized that those things don’t equal peace or happiness. God views us all equal, as children of God. Just because one person has a “better” earthly life doesn’t mean that God favours them more. We are all the same in Jesus. We shouldn’t compare material/earthly lives because ultimately we are called to live in the spirit.

After starting Vuku meetings and experiencing the love of Jesus with my friends I realised that my worth is found only in Jesus’ love. I can only find true peace and happiness in Jesus. I now fully know that I am precious to Jesus because I feel his love all the time.

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